Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in sketch form!

2014 has been a CRAZY year!
 Full of Highs and Lows, ups and Downs (and a few Lefts and Rights that caught me by surprise)! I did more Cons this year than I ever had before and I felt that was a major milestone for me professionally.

 I feel the best way to Illustrate that is by showcasing the various convention sketches I did through out the year. 

Most done with a #4  mechanical pencil, some were done in as little as 30 minutes. Sorry for the quality on some of the images, they were taken by my phone under a variety of lighting conditions.

    30 minute Kakashi came out better than I'd hoped.
 I'm missing a couple I did at EmCon, so if you have any photos of them, please reach out to me.
                   New years resolution #1 Keep better records!

  New years Resolution #2 Start carrying pens to Cons so I can ink these things!

  Thank you all for your support, and thank you for your patience. This is the quiet time between convention seasons so I'm using the time to catch up on several much delayed commissions on top of some RPG work (more on that soon) and four(!) comics projects so I've never been busier, and it feels awesome! It's been a great year!